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Consumer Affairs Rated Cal Spas No. 1- the only true spa rating by consumers for 2018. When you buy from Cal Spas, you buy peace of mind, knowing your investment is designed with safety and top quality for you and your family. Cal Spas Home Resort products have undergone rigorous testing and are certified by several independent product safety organizations.

Helo  has  trail-blazed the sauna industry for almost one hundred years. The time has come to introduce the only multilayered sauna experience on the market. A new dimension in modern sauna solutions. A new dawn in sauna engineering. Try the new BWT, Bio Water Technique from Helo Saunas.

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                Helo Sauna Reinvented      

                          Experience a new multilayered sauna

An Infinity Edge is the perfect feature for a spa or swim spa.  Not only does it eliminate your filter grate and bobbing skimmers, it also prevents the water level from changing. No matter how many people are in the Spa, the water level remains the same.

                                                  WORLD’S BEST BUILT SPAS

 Is Coast’s Spas claim to fame Logo bringing to the world the best U.S. made equipment, electronics, and Reynold’s Fiberglass steel reinforced spa shells in the spa industry; along with the highest quality control proudly made in British Columbia, Canada, and furthermore advancing the ergonomics focused on arthritis relief; lowering blood pressure; and tension relief, particularly with their patented infinity edge models.